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Welcome to Arielas Website!

Country and Western music - Canada - Line dance ...
... you probably ask yourself - why Canada?
Country western line dance is always connected to the US. Yet many choreographers, known to every line dancer, live in Canada. For example Bill Bader, Judy McDonald, Irene Groundwater, Tom Selzler - they all live in British Columbia, Canada. Many dances we know are written by those choreographers. Interpreters like Rick Tippe or Shania Twain have their roots in Canada. Why shouldn't we pay tribute to them?

My intention is to create a connection which is mostly not seen. On any country party you only see the "Stars and Stripes". What about the famous maple leaf? Whenever we talk about Country and Western music and dance to its sound, we refer to the whole North American continent.

That's why this site is about CANADA in its whole fascination. Have fun visiting my site.

By the way:
You don't have to sign up for the courses. Just come by, watch and dance. You can join the courses at any time.

Sincerely yours, Ariela