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Line dance

I don't want to talk about the origins of line dance. Everyone, who tried to find out about the origins, knows that the discussion about it is still going on. But one thing we know for sure - in the late 90s this music and dance style came over to Europe with Billy Ray Cyrus' song "Achy Breaky Heart". Since then the dance style has spread all over the world. In the beginning the people preferred to dance to Country and Western music. But during the years more and more people in Europe have started to line dance to any kind of music. You will not find that very often in North America. Line dancing to Country and Western music is still the most popular style there. Of course there are non-country dances, but they are much less common than they are here.

Everybody knows the discussion about the kind of music that goes well with line dance. I think that is everybody's own decision. The most important thing about line dance is to HAVE FUN.

We prefer to line dance to Country and Western music, as we like this kind of music. We also represent this style with our outfits. Our motto - loving the Country and Western music scene is an attitude of life. That is what we love to show with our music, our dances, and our costumes.

I started line dancing in 2001 by chance. From the first moment I saw the people dance my feet prickled. Of course I immediately signed up for the basic course at that night. Since then line dance has been the centre of my life. To spend four to five days a week with line dancing has been a very important part of my life since then. Having passed the basic course I entered the advanced course. This course took place only every other week. That is why we met in between times to do some trainings and learn new steps and dances. So I started to give line dance lessons. Then I temporarily took over the basic course. Soon after that I had my "own" course. That's how life goes. Even today I still have fun learning new dances and teach them to other people.

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